Monday, February 28, 2011


In the 2 years since since my original post I have spoken to many people who made the mistake to order Eurolab's products from Deals Direct - nothing has changed, the products are made without any quality control - often falling to pieces under normal operation. Apparently DOCEP bought them to task for constantly breaking Australian Fair Trading laws and they apparently have improved their return and refund procedure. To little, To late - if a government body has to repeatedly demand you adhere to the law and stop screwing your clients over you obviously have zero interest in customer service (The same can be said for the ISP but thats another story).

To clear up any confusion, there is not a company called Eurolab - they do not exist, Deals Direct source their products directly from Chinese manufacturers and have the items branded with the logo of their choice (Eurolab in this case). Two years ago when DD told me directly they are not the manufacturer and therefore not responsible to contact eurolab directly - They knowingly (I confirmed with multiple support personal and several supervisors) sent me on a wild goose chase, they knew the company did not exist and in fact the manufacturers warranty was also their responsibility.

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