Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Eurolab Auto Vacuum Intelligent Cleaner Wall Sensor Remote

Note: this is pretty much a copy and paste of my rants on whirlpool/ whingpool and the blog splashdownunder, it my be edited later on for brevity and continuity.

I bought a this vcauum from dealsdirect:

The vacuum works but just when it needs a charge it will find the charger base but just blindly bump into it. I have cleaned the contacts thoroughly but to no avail. I spoke with dealsdirect and got the same prompt reply "out of your 30 day warranty period". sent an email to DD rather than just using their chatting system. I checked with DOCEP and given that I the product has not been mistreated and has simply malfunctioned replacement or repair after 6 months is reasonable (I have yet to lodge a complaint with DOCEP just queried).

After waiting 4 days, I get yet another generic reply of "sorry we only offer 30 day warranty period" etc etc. What does annoy me is they sell product that is seems (from googling and their own customer feedback) prone to failure. Its a shame because its a very nice product, when working. I recommend avoiding this product and all the eurolab electrical gear sold by dealsdirect as _all_ of it seems have a maximum life (when used regularly) of 1 to 6 months.

I posted to whirlpool regarding this as whirlpool shows up pretty high in google results if you search for "dealsdirect warranty". I also found the blog splashdownunder, Which describes a very similar situation with the same product.

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